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On Style

Cool Tattoos


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Summer is striking up ladies and we have a really fast life to cope with. In this fast life, we tend to forget carrying things on a daily basis and it gets hard to reach home everytime for every pity thing. So here is the list of a must carry things in your handbag, ev...


No matter what, ethnics will never go out of fashion, i personally believe it is the best outfit that a woman could wear and look the best in. It represents the culture and at the same times makes a woman looks very sexy too. So why not switch to ethnic this year, also...


Since summer is hitting up real hard and it is going to get worse by the month of june, so it is really important for us to know what are the best suited summer fabrics that can keep us cooler and that absorbs less heat. 

Cotton: Cotton had to top the list because cotto...


Having short hair myself, I can feel the pain of girls who have short hair. It kind of turns out boring as your options gets cut down for styling and for maximum what you think can make your look changed is either a haircut or bleaching. But dear girls, there is a lot...


Having an oily skin is irritating and keeping it healthy takes a lot of efforts. Making few healthy habits can bring a visible glow and healthiness to the skin and possibly reduce the facial problems.

Remove makeup: Removing makeup before going to bed is a must !! For a...


2018 is the year of naturalist looks and makeups and so the hacks should be as simple and easy, isn't it? Keeping yourself simple is a task too but what should be done when you run out of certain products that you use in your daily life.. would your life stop there? 



The most iconic and the original bombshell Marilyn Monroe, has been a long style icon of her times. The fashion of beauty spots started from her. Be it women or girls, everybody tried to replicate her look. Monroe was spotted as one of the most iconic person's who has...


This summer/spring has seen few amazing makeup looks of all times.

Nude looks are the new cool, this season. Undone eyebrows, nude kajal, and no mascara. Lip tints are so of this season. High highlighter and warm cheeks and you are good to go for the everyday look to in...


Giorgio Armani, born on July 11, 1934, in Italy, is an iconic clothing designer who has also established himself in restaurants and hotel business. Giorgio has successfully been seen as one of the top designers in the world mainly because of his master in men's suiting...


Kangana looks extremely cool in her denim Dungrees. Notice how cleverly she has folded the bottoms of her dungree in a clear unqual way making it a fashion statement in itself. A normal t-shirt under it works just fine in the hot summer with a cool cap and black round...

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