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September 24, 2017

We  see a change in trend every now and then. Sometimes there is a playback of the oldies hitting the shores of the snazzy banks, and some days Met Gala introduces us to the surreal yet commendable art of fashion. From Chokers to turtlenecks of the 90’s coming back, to the orange lipstick and feather-brows that didn’t quite stay for too long in the run, we’ve seen it all.

It’s a little more than mid 2017 and it’s time to move o...

September 23, 2017

Let it be the Lakme fashion week or the Milan fashion week, the 3 F's trend has blown us away right from the start of this year. Rejuvenating western culture in Indian couture has always been experimented but this time the designers seemed a step ahead,walking hand in hand along international couture. 

@urvashijoneja flared dress at the Lakme fashion week, the designer has been a trend setter , leaving us in awe with her collec...

September 7, 2017

2017  is a good year for fashion. From so many styles to choose from like minimalist, denim, etc. To make the most of it, I think everyone should have all of these accessories:

1)John Lennon style Round Sunglasses

This style, mainly popularized by John Lennon, and widely acclaimed back in the 70s, made a comeback and is every fashion blogger's favorite. It is a fashionable add on to any stylish outfit.

​3)Cute Backpacks


September 2, 2017

“ Dress how you want to be ADDRESSED.”

The latest trend in FASHION is all about thinking outside of the box of the world’s imagination.

‘  cause  little  bit  of  SUMMER  is   what  the  WHOLE  YEAR  is  all  about'..

A little heat and one begins  to stock up their wardrobes with gorgeous dresses. Live stress free with eye- catching floral one-pieces which flatter e...

May 13, 2017

Building a wardrobe around the must haves doesn’t stifle your creativity just gives you an endless combinations to play with.

1. Perfect fitting multiway bra

The bra that can make any dress stylish and poppy and can be worn with your strapless or backless dresses, halter necks and tops.

2. Plain White Tee

Who wouldn’t mind owing a piece of plain white cloth that compliments a plain or printed skirt or jeans or a jacket.

3. Well-fit...

April 21, 2017

BAGS! The most essential accessory in our life. One can forget their mobile phones but not bags. Now there are a variety of people around carrying a variety of different bags. Some might carry to actually use them or some of them might carry just as a style statement.

If you love to flaunt or love to use them and keep track of new styles of bag, and are purely in love with bags, then this post might be the one for them. Latest...

April 2, 2017

Quilting had been a part of humankind’s old traditions since forever. It has been incorporated into many fashion trends until date for example the bomber jackets and the latest fashion product that’s beautifully being made using this technique is none-other than Hand Bags.

 Famous celebrities and bloggers today are sporting all kinds of quilted bags that come in different sizes and shapes.

There is so much to experiment and play...

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