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When it comes to makeup, eyeliner is one basic part. It literally redefines the complete look. And having being an expert at applying it is an art. Trust me, it takes a lot of practice and patience and especially when you are working with liquid eyeliners. But we are n...


Fashion has changed its meaning and use from era to era from the advent of lipsticks to the advent of concealers, it has all changed according to the needs and wants of the consumers. But can you guess your beauty and fashion trend years from now? You can just ignore t...


We all have some or the other skin problem, nobody's skin is perfect, of course ! maybe this is why applying makeup is our greatest escape. But what do we do when applying makeup does not work? Don't just get scared, by that i did not mean that your makeup will stop do...


Since we have already shared top home made treatments for your skin, let us discuss some of the home made remedies that are super easy to make and does wonders to your hair in no time and are completely natural.

1. Egg yolk, honey and yogurt hair mask: Egg yolk is rich...


We have talked a lot about summers in our other blogs but we did not talk about how to keep up with good skin in this harsh weather where sun is killing your skin, causing irritations, problems and tanning. We have brought some amazing tried and tested, completely natu...


Summer is on its peak and so is the Sun. Ugh! All that humidity and the tan becomes a daily business no matter how much sun screen you apply, it becomes really important to cover up your body as well to protect your skin from coming in direct contact with the sun. Have...


Blogging now has become one of the core elements when it comes to fashion and beauty and bloggers are the essentials. They are the best influencer and the easiest mode to go through fashion. So it becomes really important for us to know whom should we look upto for fas...


Having follow the same old fashion trend can be a bit boring, we all require some kind of change every now and then. These changes can be in the form of anything, new designs, new colours, new trends, whatsoever! One big change that women did adopt was the change in fa...


Do It Yourself!! Yes, we have some amazing fashion ideas for you that you can apply anywhere in no time and it is as cool as it is. You can now keep experimenting with your fashion after these 5 easy examples and will now never get bored of your wardrobe. Let's check t...


"Fashion" is a big term. It is something that you have to deal with everyday. It contains all that you carry, your clothes, your makeup, your accessories, everything and when the fashion goes wrong, it is termed as "fashion blunders". And when these blunders become a s...

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