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5 Interesting fashion DIYs tee styles you should try


Do It Yourself!! Yes, we have some amazing fashion ideas for you that you can apply anywhere in no time and it is as cool as it is. You can now keep experimenting with your fashion after these 5 easy examples and will now never get bored of your wardrobe. Let's check them out:


1. DIY butterfly-twist tee: 


 This is one sexy look that you can too create with your tee in like 1 minute. Just wear the tee from one side of your hand twist it from the back and then wear it to the other side. It is that simple and looks very cool. Try this !


2. Ragged Tee: 


 I mean how cool is it if you get the art of ragging your t-shirt in the right way. Take a sharp pair of scissors and just make interesting patterns on your t-shirt and your boring t-shirt can be so interesting to look at. This might take a lil concentration but you can literally recreate your tee like this.


3.  Ombre Tank:


 Play with colours ! Use Dyes and dip half your your tee in the solution of your favourite color and then bleach a little the exact mid part of the tee where the dye ends. This might require a bit of a practice but can create a beautiful ombre look and your old tee will never be the same again. YEY! To add to it, you can knot up the straps at the back together. Seems cool isn't it?


4. Neck cut-outs: 



 Make interesting patterns on the neck of the tee and cut them. How interesting neck patterns can be formed using origami technique like this one. Try if you are bored with your tee's neck.


5. Stamping:




And how can we forget abut stamping. Stamping is the most fun and easy way to change your tee's complete look. Interesting geometric patterns and even for that matter brush spraying on fabrics with beautiful colours can actually make your tee look attractive. That's really fun. Just Try !!




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